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September 2010
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♪♫『MELODY 』♫♪ [userpic]

Hi there!!

Ahead of the recently announced D'espairsRay shows in Manchester, Birmingham and London, I created this community to attempt to bring the UK Fans of D'espa closer together.

Personally, I am focussing on these shows, in particularly, London, but don't hesitate to use this for whatever means you wish - as long as it stays on topic!

To get us started, I have created a Facebook Event for the London show at The Garage, and although tickets are not yet available, we can use this on a check to see who plans on going.
I have, as the Facebook says, emailed The garage asking for information on Ticket prices and times of ticket availability, and I intend to do the same for the Manchester and Birmingham shows, so I don't see biased. These two will also, in the end, have their own Facebook events, yet i'm not sure how many people I personally know in the areas that can add themselves into it to get the ball rolling.

However, if you fancy starting Facebook events for either of these shows, I will happily post the link up on the profile, once our wondrous mod doraichan finishes with layouts and such.

On the other hand, if you do not own Facebook and prefer MySpace, I will happily start up events on there.

Other than that, I hope, possibly, things can bloom a bit here, and i'd like to remind you that your mods on here are:

I doubt this community will become large enough to cause drama, but if so, you can find our personal details on our info pages.


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